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Plastic 3D Printing

Low Cost, Rapid Prototyping

Plastic 3D printing

We can 3D print low cost models within a day. You can provide us the model, we'll design it for you, or you can use specialized design tools like those that make lithophanes at A rough cost estimate is shown below. Contact us for an exact quote.

  • Cost: A single item will cost $30+ per item, quantity of 2-5 will cost $12+ per item, quantity 6-30 will cost $10+ per item, and quantity over 30 will cost $8 per item. Contact for a quote!
  • Machine A Volume: 280mm x 280mm x 250mm (11" x 11" x 9.8") Cube
  • Machine B Volume: 260mm D x 350mm H (10.2" D x 13.8" H) Cylinder
  • Layer thickness: 100 um (4/1000")
  • ABS, PLA, PETG, PC, ASA, PVA, or HIPS plastics.

3D printed models

If you want to test your design's form and fit, plastic 3D printing is the way to go. Models, like the one shown on the right, can be made by plastic 3D printing within a business day and at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods. Plastic 3D printing costs can be obtained by personal quote by emailing , and we cover delivery to anyone within 30 minutes of Huntsville, AL.

3D printed logos

Every company needs some cool logo swag to hand off at road shows or conferences or to keep around the office. Our custom, 3D printed plastic logos will meet your cost point and show your customers that you know how to make use of 3D printing's paradigm shifting capabilities.

We make it simple

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How we 3D print plastic

Our plastic 3D printers extrude melted plastic through a heated nozzle and build your part layer by layer. We begin the process by obtaining a 3D model of your part from you or by drawing it ourselves. We convert the 3D model into machine code which tell our 3D printers the tooling path. The machine code is loaded into the 3D printer and the part is 3D printed in 3-15 of hours (depending upon the part’s size). Throughout the printing process, we inspect the part for quality, and if it never fails, we remove the 3D printed part from the print bed and deliver it to you, the customer.

3D print plastic with us

We are capable of printing several different types of plastics like PLA, ABS, PC, PETG, ASA, and many more. This capability is perfect for many activities ranging from prototyping to replacing plastic parts which are no longer in circulation. We can 3D print and deliver your part to you within a single business day if you need your part immediately. Huntsville, Alabama is full of ingenious engineers and technically minded professionals, and we will work hard to maintain Huntsville’s reputation for technical excellence meeting or exceeding your expectations.

Placed in Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville is a city located in Northern Alabama roughly halfway between Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee. It is located on the Tennessee River and developed from textile mills, then munitions factories, until it reached its current economy based largely in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Biosciences. Huntsville Aerospace and Automotive industries have a lot to gain by adopting 3D printing manufacturing techniques.